Environmental Causes being supported by Reef&Reed

In addition to making our beautiful Shoulderbags with Fins™, Reef&Reed™ proudly donates 10% of our profits to environmental causes that protect and promote the welfare of aquatic life from sea to stream and reef to reed.

So many of our Reef&Reed™ customers enjoy and admire our beautiful and fun Shoulderbags with Fins™.

But what's the real meaning of calling ourselves Reef&Reed?

Fish, as do all aquatic life, depend on a clean environment. Without fish, we’d have no muse. And without clean water, we 'd all be in trouble. That’s why Reef&Reed™ is passionate about investing in aquatic environmental awareness. We are a member of the AZA (American Zoo & Aquarium Association). We’ve donated to our local maritime center--The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk--and we are also preparing for an event with People For Puget Sound, a group working to protect and restore the endangered orca population in Puget Sound.

But we don’t only support oceanic awareness. When we named ourselves Reef&Reed, we were also thinking about water closer to home. For example, we are a supporter of BOW (Becoming an Outdoors Woman), a national not-for-profit program that teaches women nature-related outdoor skills using a hands-on approach in a relaxed, non-competitive, non-intimidating atmosphere. And we’re always on the lookout for other organizations that we feel fit our mission.

Preserving the reefs and reeds of our world and teaching people respect and care for nature is part of our corporate strategy for a better planet. After all, protection of our water is a concern for everyone -- not just those of us with fins.

So find your fish / save our seas ... and much, much more.

We hope you'll join us on our mission, and consider doing it with a Reef&Reed™ bag swimming beside you! To take a look at our "school" of available styles, just click on find your fish in the header above.
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