The Reef&Reed Story: Be The Fish!

We at Reef&Reed™ believe that there is a fish for everyone.

Reef&Reed™ began as the dream of industrial designer, Gene Ogman. Gene needed a means to carry the accoutrements of modern life: cell phone, glasses, wallet, etc. Being keen on preserving his individuality, Gene was reluctant to carry just any bag. He wanted a bag that was not too big and not too small. A bag that would stand out –– easy to find and hard to loose. But most of all, he wanted it to be smart, stylish and good fun – in short: something special . After many trips to the local aquarium, known to his son as "sharks and fishes", he hit upon the perfect style for his bag. This inspiration became Reef&Reed.

We are proud to introduce this inaugural Shoulderbags with Fins™ Collection which highlights fish from the Great Barrier Reef with added perennial favorites: Shark, Orca and Cutthroat Trout. Please visit us again for updates to our collections.

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